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That’s NEWS to You quiz

Sun., June 9, 2013

If you followed the news last week – or even if you didn’t – you might be a winner in this week’s That’s News to You quiz.

Try your memory out on the newspaper version, then go online for our interactive quiz at www.spokesman. com/newsquiz, where top entries go into the weekly drawing for a $50 gift card at the Davenport Hotel and all entries go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave the commencement speech at a high school graduation in what Washington city?

A. Almira

B. Colville

C. Moses Lake

D. Othello

E. Republic

2. Mark Brown is accused of defrauding big corporations of thousands of dollars over many years, despite the fact that he’s

A. Illiterate

B. In prison

C. Legally blind

D. In Nigeria

E. Not a real person

3. Myrl Hoefer, an 82-year-old Spokane resident, had a chance to do what one last time?

A. Float the Spokane River

B. Sign up for Hoopfest

C. Fly an airplane

D. Climb Mount Everest

E. Play with the Spokane Symphony

4. The Coeur d’Alene City Council added what category to the city’s anti-discrimination law?

A. Race

B. Religion

C. Foreign birth

D. Sexual orientation

E. Poverty

5. The Mariners set a Major League Baseball record last week when they

A. Stole five bases in one inning.

B. Scored five runs to tie a game in the 14th inning.

C. Struck out five batters in a row with five different pitchers.

D. Hit five batters in a single game.

E. Can’t fool me. The Mariners had a decent week, but they didn’t set any records.

Check your work

To check your answers and see last week’s winners, turn to page B3.

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