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MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2013

Selling kids disgusting

The June 2 Spokesman-Review was good. Interesting, informative, full of local good and not-so-good news. Plenty of community action going on in our fair city. However, turning to the Northwest Section, Page B12, I gagged on my coffee, and the steady down-pouring of rain seemed fitting.

Tucked into a corner was a small, two-column piece about a Boise man selling a 3-year-old toddler on Craigslist for sex. The civic-minded man that turned him in was concerned that the child was 3. To me that spoke volumes. What if the child had been 11 or 12? Is there a fine line of age to draw when it comes to pedophilia or marketing of children?

My hope in the Idaho Corrections Department is that they have an appropriate sentencing structure to put this man away for the maximum 30 years.

Vicki McBride


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