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Wed., June 12, 2013, midnight

Diet could lead to demise

I had never heard of an “endothelial” cell before. I am a Gonzaga graduate. This cell constitutes the lining of every blood vessel in my body. This lining of my veins produces blood-thinning materials for smooth flows.

When digestion occurs and the breakdown of foods passes the intestinal walls into the blood, some forms of food enhance the endothelial linings. Other foods produce acidic imbalances that injure the endothelial cells.

When I consume those injurious foods daily over years and years and years, well, I develop a lot of problems: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. All lead to strokes and attacks or other vascular emergencies. Turns out this ain’t rocket science. Which foods injure my endothelials? You don’t know?

You may benefit from watching a DVD called “Forks Over Knives” for a detailed presentation, or read a book titled “The China Study,” if you need to discover their simple truth. If you have linings in your veins, you probably would benefit from avoiding blowing them up every day, too.

Frank Percy


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