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Details seem selective

Why does The Spokesman-Review report on a person’s personal preference? Printing statements such as a “Reagan conservative and daily listener of Rush Limbaugh on a website called FreedomConnector” has no bearing on the action that Gail Gerlach took while his vehicle and the tools for his livelihood were being stolen.

Other statements that Gerlach was not a sportsman and is not a member of the National Rifle Association did not cause the 25-year-old Brendon Kaluza-Graham to steal from others. Reporting on the issues is what is required for a good story, not the picking and choosing of the facts.

I failed to see any reporting of the “black cloud” over Kaluza-Graham’s head that was spoken of. You mention trouble – convictions for auto theft and joy-riding – but you didn’t mention how many times he was arrested, convicted and what inspired this behavior.

Who did he listen to and what websites he visited or was a member of? You failed to mention what clubs and societies he might have belonged to that caused this influence.

It seems that you are picking what to report and how you report it.

Debbie Van Veldhuizen



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