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The Slice: Crybaby? Not after this concert

Slice readers recalled the best and worst concerts they have attended.

Here’s a sampling.

Pamela Stark had no trouble choosing her favorite. “Janis Joplin in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. She was a whirling dervish in blue sequins!”

John Petrofski listed Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at the Fillmore East in New York as the best. He had to give up his seat to accommodate recording equipment (for the “4 Way Street” album) but got to watch from backstage.

His worst was also at that famed club — Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The show was so loud it gave him a headache.

Gwen Hilson gives a thumbs-down to Kiss for a late-1970s show at the Spokane Coliseum. But she really liked the warm-up act, Cheap Trick.

Lan Hellie said Cheap Trick was great both times he saw them. But one of the worst shows he saw was Loverboy.

Jeff Johnston includes U2 in Seattle (2011) and Prince in Chicago (1984) on his list of best concerts.

Jeri Hershberger has a long list of performers on her “best” list, but Eric Burdon is the clear “winner” when it comes to worst.

Steven Stuart said Chicago’s concert at Gonzaga University in the summer of 1971 qualifies as the worst conditions. “Had to be 100 degrees inside.”

Billie Watson ranks a Wynonna Judd show as the worst because those around her sang along and all Watson could hear was off-key concertgoers.

Barbara Garces remembers being impressed with The Tubes, Foghat, Black Sabbath and others when she lived in California.

Marcy Harrison named Alice Cooper in Omaha in 1975 as her best.

John McTear said Black Oak Arkansas in Boise in 1974 was the worst.

Melody Kinder said a John Denver show at the Coliseum in 1974 ranks as her No. 1 favorite.

Ray Tansy lists Joe Cocker opening for Steve Miller at The Gorge as the best he has seen.

And Judy McKeehan and her husband were a bit disappointed with a short Johnny Cash show — he didn’t even open with his trademark “Hi, I’m Johnny Cash” — until they realized that they had arrived during intermission.

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