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Fri., June 14, 2013, midnight

How about a little love for Recycle Man? (File)
How about a little love for Recycle Man? (File)

With the new Superman movie coming out, we asked readers: Who is your favorite superhero and why? Here are some of the responses:

Leona Grow Batman is my favorite.

Nasa LaFrance Batman - and the entire bat family. Batman is a man, not an alien or a person with powers from a freak accident. Batman uses tech, muscle, and brains to outplay and outthink Gotham’s villains. I love the Batman universe and I even cosplay as Batgirl because I love the ideals that they show. Batgirl’s costume does not show boobs, butt, or skin. She is just as covered as the boys – equality

Gerri Lockwood My favorite Super Hero is Dr. Catherine Hamlin. The hospital she founded is the world’s only medical center dedicated exclusively to providing free obstetric repair surgery to poor women suffering from childbirth injuries. It has treated more than 34,000 women, all for free. What makes her a Super Hero in my eyes is that she is 89 years old and still actively operating on women who need help.

Spokane Indians @spokaneindians

The @SpokesmanReview wants you to tell them your favorite #superhero. Let’s get #Recycleman trending! Remember to retweet!

Jesse Bush @Jadenewt

@SpokesmanReview #Superman - Truth, Justice & The American Way beat Vengeance & Survivor’s Guilt every time.

tr1twenty2 @tr1twenty2

#batman No explanation needed.

Josh Friesen @Friesen_Joshua

Spidey. He’s a journalist.


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