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The Slice: It appears her retirement must not be too far away

Becker’s current photo count is 239.
Becker’s current photo count is 239.

Proud grandmother Laurie Becker has more family photos on display at her workplace than anyone she knows.

The engineering tech, who works for Lincoln County – friends call her Max – has 239 pictures on display. And counting.

“I tell people when the wall is full, I’ll retire.”

Slice answers: Jocelyn Dotson said the bravest thing she ever did was use the bathroom at a certain Spokane Valley burger joint. “Scary,” she said.

Ann Murphy asserted that stuffed animals do not fear preschoolers with jelly hands. “Stuffed animals live on love.”

Carolyn Lytle said the 2013 Spokane definition of “outside agitator” is “Anyone in the media reporting on a police shooting.”

Mike Ankney said he is not sure who hears “Stay out of trouble” most often. “But the person who says it the most is a waitress at Terry’s Breakfast & Lunch named Trena. Every customer, as they leave, is told to ‘Stay out of trouble.’ ”

Several readers guessed that the local grade school with the most diverse student population is Michael Anderson Elementary at Fairchild Air Force Base.

Julie DeBurgos said she’ll know she is losing her mind when “I realize my adult children were absolutely right about something and I was totally wrong.”

And Tim Freeman wrote, “The coolest concert experience for me was in the late 1970s when the band Yes performed in the middle of the old Spokane Coliseum on a revolving stage.”

Note from a friend: “We have a new neighbor,” she wrote. “He is around 4 years of age. I talked with him the other day and he shook my hand like a man. He was very chatty and told me that he was looking forward to meeting my cats. He then said, ‘My mom won’t let me touch them because I’m allergic. I hope they won’t mind.’ ”

My friend, whose senior felines tend to be skeptical about children, is pretty sure her cats will be OK with that.

Today’s Slice question: What do you consider to be “sleeping in” on the weekend?

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