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Sat., June 15, 2013, midnight

Time to bypass Congress?

Look out college students. Your student loans will be going up because our federal legislators can’t seem to agree on anything. And they want to throw bills back at the president to negotiate. All things considered, if the legislators can’t negotiate among themselves and pass legislation, why are they in office?

Let’s have the president write the bills, present them to the American people for an immediate online vote. (Let’s establish online voting, the same way people who own stocks vote when corporations have their shareholders’ annual meetings.) Then, we the people will do the work that our legislators can’t seem to do.

OK, you are saying not every citizen has a computer to cast his or her personal vote. Every library has computers, and the information could be presented on television via public service ads. Just like proxy ballots, there is a date by which a vote must be cast, and only one vote per person. Maybe we just have to think outside the box. Our elected representatives sure aren’t doing it.

This is a wild idea, but does anyone have another one short of voting out of office our so-called representatives? For your information: Not all representatives are slacking off.

Carol Simpson

Deer Park

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