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Support Gerlach

I would like to add my name to the list of citizens who are outraged by Gail Gerlach being charged for manslaughter when he was trying to stop a thief from stealing his basic needs to provide a livelihood, notably his truck and tools.

By charging him, the lives of the Gerlach and his family are being destroyed whether he is found guilty or not guilty. He is obligated to hire an attorney, whose charges may put him close to bankruptcy, let alone sustain the mental anguish. He is placed in the hands of attorneys who play the game of “who is the winner.” Although jurors have the final say, the attorney who presents the stronger arguments is the more likely to prevail.

I have never understood why it is acceptable for a policeman to kill a person brandishing a knife, but it is not acceptable for a private citizen to protect his livelihood with no intentional act of killing a thief. This would never happen in the state of Texas.

I, too, will not forget the name of Steve Tucker when he comes up for re-election.

Gene Sivertson



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