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The Slice: Let’s make this one a double

Mon., June 17, 2013, midnight

‘On the second day of Father’s Day, my true love gave to me …”

Oh, well. Never hurts to try.

Let’s move on.

Family pictures: “Our cash accounting clerk, Jan, has 136 individual family photos covering 2,577 square inches or 17.89 square feet,” wrote Paul Staeheli. “If you make the mistake of showing any interest at all, she has hundreds, if not thousands more photos on various devices. My advice: Run and don’t look back!”

Tooth Fairy sighting: Peter Yocom’s grandson recently lost his first tooth. That prompted the following exchange between the boy and his father, Yocom’s son.

Son: “Did you see the Tooth Fairy last night?”

Grandson: “Yes.”

Son: “What did she look like?”

Grandson: “You, Dad. It was scary.”

Literal empty nester: “The last several weeks we have had a male robin singing stronger than normal,” wrote Ray Kranches. “I keep thinking he is enjoying our better weather and also that the young robins have left the nest.”

Today’s fireflies story: Kacey Burke grew up on an Iowa farm. She shared a bedroom with three sisters. At one point, that room became home to a giant bulletin board.

The girls inaugurated this new fixture by smearing lightning bugs on it and “falling blissfully asleep with the wall awash in a glow.”

Less magical was waking up to see hideous black streaks on the bulletin board where previously there had been brief luminescence.

“We quickly produced lots of art and starred homework reports to cover our sins for killing the beautiful bugs.”

How to know that you are losing your mind: “Coming in the door and putting my hat in the freezer would be a hint,” said Bruce Werner.

Today’s Slice question: Remember when player/manager Charlie Brown would be on the pitcher’s mound in a “Peanuts” strip and have his socks and other items of apparel knocked off by a line drive? Sure. Well, what’s the metaphorical equivalent in your daily life?

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