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From our archives, 100 years ago

Mrs. E.J. Hyde, owner of Hyde’s Jewelry Store, thought she could trust attorney Carl B. Campbell to convey $20,000 worth of diamonds to her safe deposit box. It turned out he was the worst possible choice.

She wasn’t feeling well, so she gave the diamonds to Campbell, 35, a man she had known for some time and who happened to be in the store.

He said he would take them to the bank for her, but only if she gave him a revolver for protection against “thugs.” So she gave him a revolver and he headed out to the bank.

But he met some of his pals along the way. Some of them enticed him into the saloons, where he proceeded to get drunk and forget his mission.

He was showing off his revolver to his drinking buddies, on the corner of Sprague and Riverside, when he came to the attention of the police. They arrested him, confiscated the gun and marched him to the police station.

Police knew nothing about the diamonds until they arrived at the booking window and Campbell fumbled drunkenly in his pockets. He spilled $20,000 worth of diamonds all over the floor.

Mrs. Hyde was roused from her sickbed to come to the station to retrieve her diamonds.

“He apparently met too many friends,” a disappointed Mrs. Hyde said.


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