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Denver Street fuss confusing

After reading about the brouhaha in the June 6 Voice section, I drove past the disputed Denver Street site where a local builder plans to build three homes, each on its own full city lot.

The article mentioned that the lots had been platted in 1907, so I was prepared to be outraged that a lovely, old historic neighborhood of craftsman-style homes from the turn of the last century was about to be defiled.

Instead, I discovered an attractive, prosperous nonvintage neighborhood that incorporates a medley of architecture styles popular in the 1950s through the ’80s. Side-by-side, the Cape Cod-style homes and the high-end ranchers are others that would have been considered radically modern when they were first constructed.

So, I am at a loss regarding why the Denver Street residents, whose homes include many architectural styles, are concerned that the planned construction of the new homes will impact “the character” of their mid- to late-20th century neighborhood. One wonders whether character might be referring merely to the lot sizes of the proposed homes (in spite of their being full city lots) and the resultant concern that the desired perception of prosperity in the neighborhood might be affected.

Charlotte R. Thacker



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