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FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2013

Better spending elsewhere

On Friday, June 7, The Spokesman-Review headlined the fact that our own government is now keeping track of the origins and destinations of every phone and Internet communication in the United States. This is part of a Big Brother mentality, resulting in a paranoid knee-jerk reaction to current events. Further, the equipment and manpower necessary to monitor all this data undoubtedly eats up a great deal of tax money that could otherwise be utilized in more practical ways.

For instance, Spokane public pools are only open for about 13 weeks per year. This means that they lie dormant for the other 39. By enclosing two or three, our city would not only generate extra revenue, but would provide a way for our kids to combat boredom. Also, by installing full-spectrum lighting, the patrons would receive sufficient natural light to help in warding off depression. Increasing the winter rate to $3.50 would help offset the cost of heating. Even this fee would be considerably cheaper than paying for membership at the YMCA.

Douglas Benn


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