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Pixar’s latest offering, “Monsters University,” just hit theaters, which made us wonder: What children’s movie tops your kids’ list? (Translation: Which one have you watched with them so many times it made your eyes bleed?) Here are some of the responses:

Jaia Moore

Finding Nemo…

Jessica Rising My daughter loves “The Lorax” so much that she plastered her walls with pictures she drew of the Onceler, colored truffula trees all over her flip-flops, made her own Onceler-inspired outfit which she wears at least three times a week, and has decided her very favorite food is marshmallows and pancakes. …

Rachelle Foster Stephens For family movie night we always watch Kung Fu Panda. My husband LOVES this movie so twice a month it’s “Panda, we do not wash our pits in the Pool of Sacred Tears.”

Rhiannon Leppert Horton Hears a Who! We love that movie, but our children call each other boobs now. Followed closely by, “He called me a boob. I would never call someone a boob. He’s a boob!” Fabulous …

Nikki Morigeau Skrabak Finding Nemo! My son has been in love with that movie since he was about 6 months old (he’s 6 now)

Darla Klausner


Hannah Jennings I watched Finding Nemo so many times with our now 10 year old, I can still recite most of it by heart. When things get hard, we will sing, “just keep swimming…”

Don Crise Megamind! Oh, you meant the kids!

Sarah Dahl My kids love the movie Matilda! They won it at school, so that’s all we watch.

Katherine Nelson I have a lot of them… But Finding Nemo was probably the most viewed since the debut.

Shannon Bahr Allert With my son Dakota … it was Beauty & the Beast…. Every day it was the same chant … “Beas, Momma, Beas”… Now he is 22 … I may have to watch it again with him!

Avista Utilities Monsters, Inc., of course.

Sara Golden My almost 3 year old goes through movie binges. He’ll want to watch the same one over and over all day, for days on end. Then it’s a new one. We watched Wreck-It Ralph so many times my husband and I could recite lines. He adores E.T. (Calls it A.T.), my dreams have had soundtracks to The Lorax, all 3 Toy Story movies and I get lines from Mangomind (Megamind) stuck in my head. …

Eric Scott My nephew was almost two years old when he watched the first movie… that he actually sat and paid attention to. It was “The Iron Giant.” … It’s astounding that even at such a young age, he understood it and it affected him emotionally. To the point where when the ending came, he would get sad and say, “Giney…” (His way of pronouncing “Giant”) … He always got excited when it was revealed the giant was still alive in the end.

ChazBetz Bowman I know I’ve seen “101 Dalmations” over 101 times with my granddaughter, when she was about 4 or 5. (She’s 9 now) She absolutely LOVED that movie!-LOL!

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