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The Slice: And Sandy Point? She retired years ago

A letter arrived at Dave Wolfe’s North Idaho office addressed to “Alene D. Couer.”

No one by that name works there, said Wolfe.

But the machine that addressed the envelope came closer on the city/state/ZIP line, spelling it “Coeur D Alene.”

Just a pinch: A friend sometimes carries almonds in a disc-shaped container that she has been known to put in a back pocket of her pants.

The other day, at a gathering of parents, someone noted that it looked as if she were carrying chewing tobacco.

Her telling that story prompted a newsroom discussion about chewing tobacco – who we knew who had used it and why they gave it up, et cetera. It was entertaining. You could bring it up in your circle. You might be surprised by some of what you hear.

But there’s no need to share the stories with The Slice. Some S-R subscribers still read the paper while having breakfast.

Questions for those who work in an office setting: Do you dislike it when people leave papers, files or whatever on your chair so you can’t even sit down until you have moved said items? But what if your actual desk surface is sort of cluttered and there is a chance something left there will not be noticed in a timely manner? What if you are not reliable when it comes to checking your mail slot? And do you hold out the possibility that the person dropping off the item isn’t doing so in a controlling LOOK AT THIS RIGHT NOW way but rather that person just wants to make sure you see it? Or do you simply go ahead and sit on whatever was placed in your chair to spite people who are not the boss of you even if, well, sometimes they are?

Today’s Slice question: How do you feel about your watering can? A) It’s special to me because it’s really a work of folk art. B) It’s nothing fancy but I’m sort of attached to it because of all the quiet, contemplative time I have spent using it. C) I don’t get mushy about inanimate objects. D) It is my favorite tool. E) Unassuming, reliable and efficient, it symbolizes everything I aspire to be. F) I’ll answer that by sending The Slice a picture of me holding it. G) Other.

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