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Sat., June 22, 2013

A lesson in nonprofit

There is a misconception regarding Providence Health Care system (including Sacred Heart Medical Center) and the new Spokane Valley expansion. People seem to have the idea that being a “nonprofit” makes them more compassionate, or somehow better suited to take care of patients. How do you think they stay nonprofit? They spend all the profits.

The new Valley expansion is a prime example of excess money (profits) in the system that must be spent, regardless of the needs of the community. Providence is a corporation like any other. They just have to be careful to spend everything they make. Take a look at the chief executive compensation package and compare it to other medical organizations, profit or nonprofit.

I think all of our hospitals do a great job of taking care of the community, but I think giving Providence a bye on the review is an example of nonprofit special treatment damaging to Spokane Valley and the surrounding area.

Stan Gilmore


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