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Sat., June 22, 2013

Confiscation a fiction

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our greatest freedoms. I haven’t heard anybody, except gun worshipers, raise the specter of firearms confiscation. This is the giant straw man for those who want unlimited access to weapons, ammunition and gunpowder.

People on the terrorist watch list can purchase firearms, bullets and large amounts of gunpowder anonymously. The Boston Marathon terrorists stripped fireworks to get explosive powder. Fortunately, they were unaware of their easy, legal access to abundant gunpowder. Wannabe terrorists are now cognizant of this freedom.

We lived in Canada during the 1980s. We needed a government-approved car seat and seat belts to take our newborn home. We also had inexpensive, government-mandated Medicare. Oh, the tyranny.

We watched TV from Watertown, N.Y., where citizens were just required to wear seat belts. Many were outraged at this infringement of their freedom. It is impossible to have any dialogue on firearms with people who misrepresent the position of those who cherish the right to life over unlimited access to weapons, bullets and gunpowder.

There are no absolute rights. Death, however, is absolute. Nobody wants your guns. I do want our three greatest freedoms.

David Webb


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