“What’s left but prayer?”


When hopes dissolve and dreams have vanished-

What’s left but prayer?

When thorns cause pain and plans have tarnished-

What’s left but prayer?

When friends dissemble and loved ones leave us

When those we trusted have deceived us,

When God’s own servants are found wanting

And leaders can no longer lead,

When tunnels seem to have no end

And broken hearts can only bleed-

What’s left but prayer?

When sin beckons, when fear threatens,

When faith weakens and foes defeat us,

When dark clouds glower, relations sour,

Lost souls won’t listen and teardrops glisten;

When earthly goods no longer taste

And all our programs are laid waste-

What’s left but prayer?

Prayer for courage

Prayer for strength;

Pray for joy

in days of length

Prayer for others

That their cares

May be lifted

Through our prayers

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