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Sun., June 23, 2013

Bad decisions on fateful day

On May 31, an editorial appeared, “Charges warranted in fatal shooting.” Sadly, on March 25, two bad decisions were made.

First, Brendon Kaluza-Graham willingly chose to enter a vehicle that he knew did not belong to him, therefore disrespecting Gail Gerlach’s rightful ownership of the vehicle and livelihood. Kaluza-Graham’s only priority was to steal the vehicle; he didn’t stop to think how it would affect the owner.

Second, Gerlach, in a reactive moment, chose to fire his weapon to stop Kaluza-Graham. Did Gerlach intend to kill Kaluza-Graham? I don’t believe so. In that moment of time, Gerlach had two options: call 911 and maybe the police would show up and eventually have his vehicle returned to him; or fire his weapon at Kaluza-Graham, who was already fleeing the scene.

In my opinion, Gerlach acted properly by defending his property. Just because you choose to defend your property doesn’t make you a gun-toting citizen or a vigilante.

Steve Tucker’s office stated Gerlach’s actions were of a vigilante nature, putting the public at risk. However, Tucker fails to list Kaluza-Graham as the instigator of this criminal event. Without Kaluza-Graham’s criminal actions, Gerlach would not have had to defend his property or take a person’s life.

It is sad to live in a community where the police cannot protect its citizens, and where prosecutors choose to file criminal charges against law-abiding citizens and let convicted criminals have a “get-out-of-jail-free” card.

Raymond Layton


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