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Shame on Snyder, Goodell

I’ve previously written letters to the sports editor regarding the racism in the nickname the Washington “Redskins.” In last week’s sports section, Roger Goodell, National Football League Commissioner, defended Daniel Snyder’s refusal to change the name. This is not a sports story, and should not be discussed only in the sports section.

Goodell’s disingenuous remarks about the Redskins nickname as a force stands for strength, courage, pride, and respect are no more than his kowtowing to Snyder. Speaking of respect, I’ve lost all that I had for him when he made such self-serving nonsense.

Being Jewish, Snyder should see the comparison of how the Jews were sent to concentration camps and Native Americans were sent to reservations, both while the public and politicians were silent. Most Germans didn’t care when the Jews were being sent to the death camps, and most Americans didn’t care when Native Americans were being pushed onto reservations to die of starvation. I see a comparison.

I doubt very much that Snyder would ever name his sports team using any word that would be a slur to the Jewish people. If Goodell, Snyder, and others don’t understand the heritage of the Native Americans across the United States, you should be ashamed.

Ignorance is no excuse for accepting other people’s racism.

Tom Johnson

Spokane Valley


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