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Tue., June 25, 2013

Third industrial revolution

Cities are Superfund sites. They should be quarantined, carefully razed, and buried like nuclear waste. They’re rife with vermin, molds, toxic fumes, lead, arsenic, mercury, asbestos, noxious combustibles, bio-filth; the list is voluminous and sobering.

Cities demand mind-warping inputs of energy and resources for maintenance and expansion. They were erected in an era of cheap fossil fuels and colonial rape. Minus those inputs, cities are rotting into slums. Instead of abandoning untenable economic models, America Inc. has bartered blood for oil. As with all wheeler-dealers, her political salesmen lie, cheat and coerce to procure their precious crude.

There’s a path to a gentler, kinder, greener tomorrow. It winds through renewable energies, organic farms, nonpolluting transportation and no-interest demurrage currency. It’s nothing new or untried except on a scale necessary to save our souls. Kill your TV and read Jeremy Rifkin’s “The Third Industrial Revolution” and Bernard Lietaer and Stephen Belgin’s “New Money for a New World.”

Tell Madison Avenue and Washington, D.C., people are not commodities. Let the third industrial revolution begin.

Stravo Lukos


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