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Wed., June 26, 2013, midnight

Let ACLU get answers

The American Civil Liberties Union’s goal is to protect our liberty, and defend and preserve our individual rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

The political left is outraged when the ACLU helps the right wing preserve its constitutional rights, such as when it defends Rush Limbaugh, Westboro Baptist Church, Oliver North or the North State Tea Party Alliance.

The political right is outraged when the ACLU helps the left wing preserve its constitutional rights on such issues as the separation of church and state, anti-war protesters or immigration.

Now we have secret courts, judges and prosecutors saying everything is legal and no one is being hurt. The way the court system is set up, there is no one to protect our constitutional rights.

There are now lawsuits by individuals and the ACLU to find out what is going on. So, to the political right and left, let me make a suggestion. We need to change the way the courts are set up, and bring transparency to these courts. We should endorse the idea that the ACLU should defend our rights in these courts, and when the ACLU doesn’t agree with the court, that they should be able to tell us why.

Think about it.

Lawrence Schuchart


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