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Annie’s Mailbox: Husband who interrupts is rude

Dear Annie: My husband has a habit of interrupting me while I’m still talking. He anticipates what I’m going to say and will answer before I’m finished speaking. If I ask what he wants from the grocery store, he will start telling me while I’m still asking, which means I can’t hear what he says. This is both annoying and rude, but he doesn’t get it. Any ideas? – Frustrated in Louisville

Dear Frustrated: If you have told him how annoying this is and he is unwilling to work on it, we recommend you change your response so you are less aggravated. Stop speaking when he starts. Don’t correct him if he “anticipates” wrongly. You can then respond to or ignore what he says, depending on your mood, but try not to get angry.

Dear Annie: I got a chuckle out of the question of the evening meal being “dinner” or “supper.”

I grew up in a rural area, but have lived in a large city for the past 35 years. My cousin recently called to ask whether we could get together for dinner. When I said I’d love to, he replied, “Great! I get in town at 11 a.m.” It took me a few minutes to realize he meant the noon meal, which on the farm is called “dinner.” – Jean

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