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Neighbors pick new design for crosswalk

Crossing at 29th and Manito Boulevard will cost about $8,000

The Comstock and Manito/Cannon Hill neighborhood councils held a joint meeting Tuesday evening and voted to recommend a crosswalk design for the intersection of Manito Boulevard and 29th Avenue.

The winning design features a painted crosswalk connecting the two green medians on Manito Boulevard.

There were five options, including one featuring two crosswalks – one on the east and one on the west side of the intersection – as well as one featuring a single crosswalk with a traffic island.

Neighbors initially anticipated a crosswalk to be put in as part of the 29th Avenue road construction project that was just finished.

Last year, the neighborhood councils recommended a painted crosswalk in the same location but with a flashing pedestrian-activated crossing light. The cost for that was about $25,000 and it was denied funding by the city.

This crosswalk will cost around $8,000, said Dan Buller, a project engineer with the city of Spokane, during a presentation Tuesday.

“This option slides the crosswalk east by about 10 feet so it will be a little closer to Grand Boulevard than to Bernard,” Buller said. “Actually, we could slide it either way – east or west.”

The reason for not centering the crosswalk is a manhole cover in the middle of the newly constructed sidewalk covering the entrance to a vault that contains electrical and communication wiring connecting the traffic lights at Grand and Bernard.

To be in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, a crosswalk cannot have a manhole cover in the middle of it, Buller said, because it freezes at a different rate than the surrounding pavement and creates a tripping hazard.

The project will be put up for bid immediately and is expected to be finished by fall.

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