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Thu., June 27, 2013, midnight

Roadless areas priceless

For the past seven years, I gathered natural history information on 14 roadless areas in the Lochsa and North Fork Clearwater river drainages. This included flights over the sites by LIGHTHAWK, a volunteer organization of pilots that provides visual images of the open space and wild lands so loved by Idahoans and the nation.

Working with Friends of the Clearwater, booklets of each roadless area were assembled to describe the geology, terrain, flora, aquatic resources, trails, water features and wildlife including photos and maps to help detail the place’s geography. In addition, we held on-site workshops to familiarize folks with the countryside.

Of the over 1.5 million acres inventoried roadless areas in the Nez-Perce-Clearwater National Forests, less than one-fifth of this land was recently recommended as wilderness by the Clearwater Basin Collaborative. Apparently, CBC doesn’t recognize the value of the remaining 1.2 million acres of roadless country: abundant wildlife, rare life forms, headwaters to anadromous fish, undisturbed scenic vistas and some of the best hunting and fishing in the lower 48 contributing to the state’s economy.

All of this makes Idaho special, and as the population increases and cities expand, such country will not only be priceless but irreplaceable.

Fred Rabe


Is it not true that in this country “accused” still means “innocent until proved guilty?” And, is it not evidence of bias when a headline implying that somehow it is startling that an accused teacher should continue to receive pay, when no such issue is made when a policeman who has killed someone is placed on “paid administrative leave” presumably because the policeman may be shown to be innocent of any wrongdoing?

Doesn’t the teacher merit such an equal assumption?

Janet Norby


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