June 27, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Whistle-blowers are heroes


As our government is fond of telling its citizens: “If (you) have done nothing wrong, you (our government) have nothing to fear” from Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning or Julian Assange, all of whom revealed nothing more than the immoral activities of our government, which should not have been conducted at all, in secret or otherwise.

The crime is our government’s spying on its own citizens as well as its atrocities upon civilians – including American citizens – worldwide, not the exposure. Remember, too, these brave men acted at considerable risk to themselves for no profit whatsoever.

They are heroes in the mold of Daniel Ellsberg (an ardent supporter of all three) who our government also branded a traitor. Spokane Veterans for Peace Chapter 35 urges support for these three courageous heroes.

Michael Poulin


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