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Health district warns of high heat

The Spokane County Regional Health District has issued an advisory to warn Hoopfest players and spectators to be aware of the dangers of hot weather.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees in Spokane during the weekend.

“People who exercise in extreme heat are more likely to become dehydrated and get heat-related illness,” said Kim Papich, health district spokeswoman. “For both athletes and spectators, it is important to stop all activity and get to a cool environment if feeling faint or weak. Also, know the signs of heat-related illness and the simple things people can do – like drinking plenty of water – to reduce their risk.”

The symptoms of heat exhaustion can include dizziness, weakness, nausea and fainting, health officials said. A person with heat exhaustion may feel uncoordinated, perhaps thirsty, and sweat a lot. Their skin may feel cold although their body temperature may be normal.

Tips from the health district to avoid heat-related illness on hot days: Drink lots of water or fruit and vegetable juices, avoid caffeine and alcohol, limit time outdoors, stay out of the sun, take frequent breaks from exercise and watch for signs of heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

Jody Lawrence-Turner