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The Slice: In the business of proving our readers wrong

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

I have a theory that some people resent the Friday Today section because it makes it harder to stick with their standard position that there’s nothing to do around here.

Let’s move on.

Anticipating the weekend: “There’s no ‘sleeping in’ at my house,” said Nancy Betts. “My poodle, Sammy, has his stomach alarm set at 5 a.m. seven days a week.”

Kathleen Schrum is also dogged by pet schedules. “In our home ‘sleeping in’ means until the dog wants out.”

And lately, that has been early.

Speaking of dogs and sleep patterns, Toni Taylor told about how her normally brave German shepherd was undone by wee-hours thunder and lightning earlier this month. Taylor was sympathetic, but the fact is the freaked-out dog kept her from getting much rest.

The next morning, however, the shepherd did not seem overly concerned that a groggy Taylor had to get ready for work while the dog prepared to spend the day catching up on its sleep.

Returning fire: Many years ago, Paul Ruch was co-owner of an East Coast travel agency. His business partner was a woman who had a squirt gun. “She used it on me and other employees for real and imagined transgressions.”

As you might imagine, that got old.

So, after a particularly annoying squirting, Ruch went shopping. He obtained a machine gun-style squirt gun that delivered an impressive drenching.

He even practiced, to make sure he had the proper desk-to-desk trajectory down pat.

When the right moment presented itself, he let her have it. “She was so wet she had to go home and change outfits.”

And that ended the water pistol antics at the travel agency.

Today’s Slice question: Maybe you are no fan of Will Ferrell but thought he was good in 2006’s “Stranger Than Fiction.” Or perhaps you typically have little tolerance for the on-screen stylings of Bruce Willis but enjoyed his performance in 2012’s “Moonrise Kingdom.”

So here’s the question. Can you think of an actor or actress you normally can’t stand who was, you have to admit, excellent in at least one particular movie role?

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