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Sat., June 29, 2013

Arrests do little good

On the front page of the June 23 Spokesman-Review, it said, “Officials say the best way to combat Spokane’s high crime rate is to hire more officers.” How can that help since we don’t do anything about the ones who cause the problems?

For example: Everyone knows about Eddie Ray Hall, who had over 40 felony convictions before he went away on a federal drug charge. Then there is Nicholas Limpert, with 67 arrests by 2011, and at the age of 15 he was involved in a robbery and murder. And Brian Danner, whose criminal history includes 41 adult felonies and 10 juvenile felonies, including 25 convictions, from 2002 for possession of stolen property.

It appears that there is a trend: Give them a short time in rehab and then put them back out on the street. How many arrests and felony convictions does it take to keep one in prison?

Joel Carr

Mica, Wash.

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