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Fernan Lake tested positive for blue-green algae; health advisory issued

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2013, 6:45 P.M.

A health advisory was issued Saturday for Fernan Lake, Idaho, where toxic blue-green algae was found present in the water.

The public should avoid making any direct contact with water containing visible algae, according to a news release from the Panhandle Health District and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. Swallowing water is particularly dangerous, and the toxins cannot be removed by boiling or filtering water.

People who drink or swim in water that contains high concentrations of the cyanobacteria that causes blue-green algae may experience gastroenteritis, skin irritation, allergic responses or liver damage. If you experience numbness, tingling, skin irritation or nausea after coming into contact with the water, seek medical attention.

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