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Sat., June 29, 2013, midnight

Help Guilds’ School

Recently, the staff at the Spokane Regional Health District made a decision to eliminate $195,000 in federal funding from the Spokane Guilds’ School and to begin charging the school excessive administrative costs. As a parent of a child who attended the Spokane Guilds’ School, I am flabbergasted by this decision. Unfortunately, the SRHD staff has a record of making poor financial decisions that hurt the most vulnerable in our community.

Now, they are proposing a program they cannot financially sustain. Their proposal will cost taxpayers an additional $22,000 while cutting services to the special needs children in our community. How does it benefit Spokane in difficult financial times for taxpayers to pay more money for fewer services? It doesn’t.

We need to tell the SRHD staff that this is another poor decision that will hurt children in our community. The Spokane Guilds’ School never turns a child away, even if their parents can’t pay for services. To put this amazing organization at financial risk will hurt our families significantly.

I urge you all to write letters to the SRHD board of directors and ask them to reject this proposal, and restore funding to the Guilds’ School.

Stacey Klim


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