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University bridge a waste

The June 18 story about the bridge for the University District shows that the city government needs some changes. First of all, this plan is a waste of money. This bridge is not needed. Google maps will show you this. If you are at 600 N. Riverpoint Blvd., and decide to walk to 500 E. Sprague Ave., the distance is 0.8 miles, or 18 minutes approximately.

Grade-school children cannot ride a school bus in Spokane for such a short distance. Grade-school children in Spokane have to cross arterial streets with crossing guards. It would cost less to hire crossing guards at minimum wage for six hours a day.

This is not Tacoma, Denver or other cities; this is Spokane, the city that is frequently ignored by the Washington state government. It might not be safe for college students and faculty to walk toward Sprague Avenue, because of the high crime rate in the city.

The city should be concentrating on the lack of police officers. This money would be a better investment for the city if the crime rate was lower. How many police officers can the police chief hire for $14 million?

Gerard Hegel



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