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Sun., June 30, 2013

Be smarter about border

The latest proposal by Congress to double the size of the Border Patrol as part of the new immigration reform bill should be scrutinized closely. Nowhere have I seen any mention of differentiating between our northern and southern borders. Up here where I live, close to the Canadian border, we already have so many Border Patrol agents they seem at times to nearly equal the population.

In the last few years, they have spent money in an unprecedented way to create a police state where every time you turn around, there’s another Border Patrol agent on a horse, four-wheeler, snowmobile, boat, plane, you name it. They’re parked behind bushes. For what? Get a clue.

Canadians are not sneaking down here to steal our jobs. Terrorists would stick out like a sore thumb, and the size of the force we have here already is way beyond what we need. Will someone in charge please not lump us in with what’s going on our southern border and pay attention to how the money’s being spent and come up with a better thought out plan?

Matt Wolohan

Northport, Wash.

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