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Finite resources on planet

This is the story.

This is a finite planet with finite resources that are running low now and becoming more expensive as a result. Too many people are using up the natural resources. The world economy has been built on cheap natural resources. Cheap energy has been the main source for growth. Those days are gone. The main growth in the economy now is the growth of debt.

I wish that the ancient sunlight (principally coal and oil) was still cheap, of high quality and abundant, but that is no longer the case. And they pollute. If human beings are to avoid constant resource wars and fight for what is left, we will need better governments to adjust to the changing conditions. If that doesn’t happen many will parish.

The world is, basically, a capitalist economy. That will have to change because capitalism is based on growth and the concentration of wealth.

We need to work for a stable and sustainable society when economic growth is no longer attainable. It is possible to build a better future for the majority under these conditions, but it will be quite different. As Tony Soprano would say, “End of story!” For now.

Bart Haggin



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