June 30, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Naïve about spying


How arrogant and naïve of us to think that, somehow, someway, we will be the exception to the rules of civil surveillance, one of the most destructive powers and evil forces known to mankind. Haven’t we, or those elected to protect us and the U.S. Constitution, seen from history already written and recorded, that it is impossible to regulate, supervise and maintain such power, or that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

Surely, those elected aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. They either don’t know, haven’t kept informed or don’t care, or are willing participants.

You decide for yourself. After all, that is what democracy is about. Debate. Discuss. Resolve.

My question to the National Security Agency and those who elected and approved such a system to be installed is: Are your communications being read, and stored also, or are these a select few who are exempt from such actions and rules?

Jose Ocasio

Spokane Valley

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