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Defensive uses unreported

Once again we see widely published stories on the acts of deranged criminal elements and rightly so. However, absolutely no mention is ever made in our media of the legal (and not necessarily lethal) use of firearms to stop crimes.

I recommend any issue of the American Rifleman magazine, or one can go directly to to see for oneself. I would hope we could see mention of these acts in the press and TV outlets, but there seems to be an intention to never mention them. If this doesn’t smack of a conspiracy to confiscate the last line of defense of the private citizen, then suppose you tell me what is the point of this limitation?

We are being rushed into another series of anti-gun laws when what we actually need is for our national and state legislatures to stop catering to glamour issues by frustrating legally held firearms, and provide funding to our police agencies to prosecute the many applicable laws already of the books. This will require some courage by our lawmakers but, then, am I asking too much?

Milton Nelson



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