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Fri., March 1, 2013

School funding questions

The Washington Supreme Court issued the McCleary decision in January 2012, telling the legislators they are failing their constitutional duty to fund a basic education for the state’s children. Reforms should be fully implemented by 2018, with the court monitoring the results. However, the court did not indicate how much funding is enough.

K-12 funding in the state’s current two-year budget is $16.4 billion. This provides spending of $12,812 per student per year (Source: Freedom Foundation’s “Informed Voter Guide, 2012”). Yet 25 percent of Washington students fail to graduate on time, if at all.

At least another $1 billion has been suggested by the former governor. Citizens and legislators need to know how much is enough. What new funding is the state providing? Where are such funds to come from over the next two years?

David Wallace


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