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The Slice: Mountain of difference between us

Fri., March 1, 2013, midnight

The difference between Washington and Oregon?

John McTear’s wife, Betsy, can tell you.

She grew up in Ontario, Ore., which is on Mountain time. Apparently some West Side Oregonians have a hard time believing that any part of their state is not in the Pacific time zone.

Can you imagine if the easternmost sliver of Washington (and the Idaho Panhandle) was in Mountain time?

Re: Last Friday’s Slice and cleavage euphemisms: “One of my friends has a daughter who was involved in rodeo royalty,” wrote Maggie Fritz.

Some of the other girls had figures that a casual onlooker might consider top-heavy. But the daughter of Fritz’s friend came up with a way to describe these young ladies. She said they had “a lot of personality.”

That expression stuck.

“So that’s what we say when faced with astounding cleavage,” Fritz said.

Slice answers: Among the aspects of life readers listed as having been better in the previous century were families eating dinner together, there being a stigma attached to anonymous hate mail, meat inspection and the air travel experience.

Nobody mentioned men wearing hats, but that might be one of my own nominees. One of my favorite things about watching old movies is seeing guys like Humphrey Bogart walk into a room and casually toss their hats somewhere.

Not sure why I find that so entertaining. But the word “insouciance” comes to mind, though there’s no way I would try to pronounce that.

See you in the funny pages: “Wonder if anyone else has noted a slight resemblance between the Slice Guy and the very handsome Henry Mitchell, father of Dennis the Menace,” wrote Kevin Martin.

At least he didn’t say I look like Mr. Wilson.

What comic strip character do you resemble?

One last pets-on-the-bed item: In Karen Botker’s home, animals sleeping on the bed have inspired some special laws of physics.

Here’s one: “Any small animal will expand to take up all the extra space your body doesn’t.”

Today’s Slice question: What do first-graders like?

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