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Weapon definition absurd

I would like to make your readers aware of what our Legislature is doing in the name of gun control. I have seen nothing in print about this particular bill, SB 5737. It attempts to define an “assault weapon.” It is greatly flawed and a waste of time that could be better spent on education, health care, economy, etc.

First, assault weapons are defined by the Firearms Act of 1934, and by the military as weapons capable of full automatic fire. Pull the trigger once, hold it down until you run out of ammo. In other words, a machine gun. These are already banned by the Firearms Act of 1934.

What the Legislature is doing is finding ways to make most, if not all, modern firearms illegal. Examples are things like hunting rifles with “thumbhole” stocks, the popular Savage .17HMR is an example of this type of weapon. Their verbiage?

“If the firearm is a rifle or shotgun, a stock in any 15 configuration, including but not limited to a thumbhole stock.”

John Sexton


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