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Letters to the Editor

Sat., March 2, 2013

Leashing dogs elementary

Hi, Dick.

Hi, Jane.

Look, look, we are hiking in the Dishman Hills, said Dick.

Yes, we are hiking in the Dishman Hills, said Jane.

Dick, where’s Spot?

Jane, look at Spot run.

Dick, look, look at Sally run.

Run Spot, run. Run, Sally run.

Look at Spot bite. Bite, Spot, bite.

No, Dick! Look at Sally cry.

Jane! Look at Sally cry. Cry, Sally cry!

Dick, what’s in Spot’s mouth?

Jane, those are fingers.

Those are Sally’s fingers.

Bad dog, Spot, bad, bad, bad.

Leash Spot in the Dishman Hills. Leash Spot, leash.

Bob Salsbury

Spokane Valley

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