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Sat., March 2, 2013, midnight

Obama politicizes sequester

Several months ago, President Barack Obama won a close election, and I wrote a letter congratulating him and expressing the hope that he would this time do what he promised. Sadly, he has done anything but. Now, with the sequester upon us, instead of offering leadership through compromise or promising to shepherd cuts to areas that will affect people the least, he instead spreads fear and lies.

The facts are that, even after the sequester, government spending will increase 15 percent over last year. While the sequester reduces spending authority by $85 billion, actual cuts in 2013 will only be $44 billion. This amounts to only 1.2 percent of the 2013 federal spending.

Those loyal Obama apologists who point fingers at House Republicans should acknowledge three things: The sequester was Obama’s idea, Republicans have already conceded on significant tax increases, and the president will not agree to end the sequester without additional tax increases.

Lying, fear-mongering and refusing to compromise for the good of the country are not hallmarks of a good president.

Hal Dixon


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