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The Slice: If it’s seven o’clock, do you wanna rock?

Mike Carlson’s cat sleeps on the bed "because she blends in so well."
Mike Carlson’s cat sleeps on the bed "because she blends in so well."

If you have a good memory, you might recall Elton John’s thoughts on this.

But in and around Spokane, what is Saturday night all right for?

OK, one last round of pets-on-the-bed: “Our cat (Ruthie) gets away with sleeping on the bed because she blends in so well,” wrote Mike Carlson. “Plus she will come in and cuddle up and purr me to sleep.”

About six years ago, Jonnie Hansen’s family rescued a kitten. That tiny feline took to sleeping on Jonnie’s face. “It was so cute.”

Half a dozen years later, the cat still likes to do that. But now the pet weighs 15 pounds. “We have battles about this several times a week, but I still love her.”

Jan Hubbard shared this. “To stop her from whining, we let our new miniature dachshund puppy Jessie sleep with us. Not only did she sleep under the covers with her belly snuggled up close to my back, but her head had to be up on the pillow, right next to my head. As she aged, we put a stool next to the bed so she could easily jump up. This was her bedtime routine for 14 wonderful years until we sadly had to say goodbye.”

Carrie Webbenhurst told of an 86-pound German shepherd that sleeps between Carrie and her husband.

Dee Hargitt said she and her husband didn’t allow pets to sleep with them until all the kids had left home. But now the bed is practically a flophouse for canines.

And Barbara Garces said Apolo, her 6-year-old Sheltie, sleeps on the bed, on a quilt that Barbara’s sister – “His Aunt Armida” – made for him.

Why it’s entertaining to have friends who grew up in Montana: “My grandmother always said the best pie crust was made with bear grease,” wrote John Kafentzis, a proud son of the Big Sky State. “Our family’s bear-bagging days were over by the time I was eating pie, but I trust her advice on anything food-related. She once chased a black bear out of the family cabin in the middle of the night with a cast iron skillet while my grandfather snored away, undisturbed.”

Today’s Slice question: When did you realize you were claustrophobic?

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