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Sat., March 2, 2013

What did Fagan gain?

In my recollection, men such as John McCain, Rand Paul, Harry Reid and members of the Spokane City Council have never publicly called those with whom they passionately distrusted and disliked a “lying whore.” That’s because so doing lowers their cause to an alley-fight personal level, invites animosity from constituents who consider such language obscene, and, most importantly, improves the stature of the defamed person who is generally too smart to return such comments in kind.

So, philosophy and politics aside, what strategic purpose did Councilman Mike Fagan have in mind in so defaming our governor? Does he see his constituents as being only the alley-fight, obscene-speaking crowd? Is that who he thinks populates his district?

Whatever his intention, Fagan has done a disservice to his constituency and to the city of Spokane.

Warren Carpenter


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