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Grad school or kindergarten?

In regard to “Judge tosses lawsuit over C+ grade” (Feb. 15), I think people should know there is a lot of discrimination in graduate schools over gender, sex, race, religion, ethnicity and age. Plus, you have personality clashes, and students having sex with advisers in order to graduate.

This has resulted in master’s degree and doctorate holders who are poorly trained in their expertise, and temper tantrums in class when asked a question they can’t answer. It also results in “professionals” who don’t know their stuff.

Grading is subjective and grad school is expensive, so maybe the schools should have to repay all tuition for students who get shoved out, which would make their advisers think twice.

A ban on temper tantrums, which create a hostile environment and make students afraid to ask questions, would also be nice.

Judith Jones



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