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Sun., March 3, 2013

President is drama king

President Abraham Lincoln loved the theater. President Barack Obama creates his own as he struts his hour upon the stage. He presents the tragedy of our times. The sky is falling and the Republicans are helping to pull it down.

“O woe is me,” he shouts. “All my beloved subjects will lose their jobs, they will all be sickened with uninspected meats while the Republicans rub their hands in glee.

“What to do, oh what to do?”

Is this the country in which I have lived my many years? Is this what we expected when we re-elected a man who would represent all of the people? I think not.

We re-elected a man who should take responsibility for his own actions, even sequestration. We got a man who would do all in his power to divide the country. We got a man who must have his own way, or it’s the highway for anyone with a better idea.

We, the people, must pay the penalty for a divided nation. Do I discount the lackluster performance of the Republican minority? Not hardly.

Ron Van Tassel

Spokane Valley

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