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The Slice: Friend filter required

Let’s consider life in 2013.

Here’s a note sent to The Slice last week.

“So, I recently wanted to show a friend a photo I took on my phone. I handed them the phone thinking they would admire the shot and then hand the phone back.

“Instead, they began scrolling through my photos. Some of them were intimate family pics that weren’t necessarily meant for outside viewing.

“Raises the question: What is the proper etiquette for viewing photos on someone else’s phone?”


I’ll start. In my view, looking at pictures other than the one you are being shown is bad manners. But I have no doubt lots of people do precisely that.

So I guess the question then becomes, what do you say to get someone to cease and desist the uninvited scrolling and hand your phone back?

Overheard: “How long can you go without peeing?”

Small World Department: Bret Whipple took a helicopter ride over Spokane Valley. The flight went over Whipple’s home. “The pilot said he used to be our paperboy.”

Sail on, sail on, sailor: Last week on The Slice Blog I mentioned hearing a reference to the “Voting Rights Act” and thinking for a split-second that I had heard “Boating Rights Act.”

Well, if there were such legislation, what would be the key provisions of the Boating Rights Act?

One perspective on the highest office: Kristy McCoy’s family was living overseas when the first President Bush came for a visit. She and her husband took their then 6-year-old son, Keith, and his big sister to a public gathering to see the commander-in-chief.

“As the president made his way through the crowd, Keith crawled through a forest of adult legs and extended his hand for a shake and greeting just as President Bush passed by.”

Later, McCoy asked her son if he would ever want to be president of the United States.

Keith considered it for a moment. Then he said, “No, I wouldn’t want to take President Butch’s job away from him.”

Today’s Slice question: If you were unexpectedly asked to give the sermon today, what would you say?

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