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Dismantling America

With sequestration, I am saddened by the predicament this country has found itself in. I am old enough to remember that this was once a country that funded big projects and big dreams, like going to the moon, building schools, hospitals, highways and maintaining beautiful parks. I remember when college was an affordable luxury. I remember when it was a good idea to have amazing job training/education programs like the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act that contributed to a vibrant workforce.

Now, all that seems to be important is to dismantle everything that made this country a great place by cutting taxes until we are unable to do anything to keep this country as amazing and visionary as it once was. Taxes are our contribution to create a civilized and functional society. Taxes in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, when so many great things were being accomplished, were far higher than now.

So I’m baffled when people complain about the tax rates today, and then seem dumbfounded that services we used to enjoy and goals we used to work for are disappearing.

I hope that sometime soon, we can reclaim the dreams that made this country great for so many years.

Sunni Mace



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