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The Slice: Jury’s out on whether yard waste is easier to clear

Mon., March 4, 2013, midnight

In terms of dog droppings becoming part of the backyard permafrost, this hasn’t been much of a winter.

Let’s move on.

Feedback on Friday’s mention of time zones: “You’re probably too young or too new to the area (or both) to remember when Shoshone County was on Mountain time,” wrote Janet Lake, a friend in North Idaho. “The dividing line was the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River at Cataldo. This necessitated ‘translations’ whenever there were medical/dental appointments involved — in my case it was a monthly trip to the orthodontist in Spokane. Family get-togethers with relatives who lived in the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane areas also required ‘your time or our time’ negotiations. I think all of Shoshone County breathed a sigh of relief when the line was moved to the Montana border.”

Bill Caswell remembers how, back in the 1940s, Shoshone County being in Mountain time complicated travel planning for school sports.

Then there was this from Spokane Valley’s Jim Clanton. “If Spokane were on MST, at least we could unequivocally argue that we are ahead of our brethren in Seattle, at least in some regards. I say, let’s do it.”

If readers were described along the lines of Johnny Cash’s “The Man in Black”: Noting his current financial situation, John Simanton suggested “The Man in The Red” for himself.

Les Norton said his would be “The Man Who Wears Shorts.”

Lan Hellie said he could be called “The Man in Cat Fur Covered Clothes.”

And Patt Earley said she could be “The Woman with the Afro.”

Earth Day is exactly seven weeks from today: So let’s go ahead with The Slice’s annual ranking of the planets.

9. Pluto: Worst beach-access in the solar system. 8. Jupiter: Planetary obesity. 7. Mercury: Even Spokane residents would complain about the heat. 6. Uranus: Your what? 5. Neptune: Failed to have breakout year. 4. Venus: Questions about body of work. 3. Saturn: Still getting by on looks. 2. Mars: Feisty redhead hard to resist. 1. Earth: Still the best place to find forgiveness.

Today’s Slice question: How far could you throw a softball?

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