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Reduce number of accidents

Being born and raised in the Spokane area, I have always been accustomed to the driving of people within this community. As of late, I have noticed a huge increase in the number of car accidents on Interstate 90, specifically near the Division Street exit. Whether it is an increase in distracted drivers or the changing of the weather causing people to be more aggressive, drivers are not being as safe as they could be. This affects everyone who drives I-90 on a regular basis, as well as those just passing through.

My own fear has risen driving home, wondering if someone is going to get me into a wreck from their lack of competent driving. I feel that added police presence near the Division exit, both east- and west-bound could help this problem. People becoming aware that officers routinely monitor that area would reduce aggressive driving by locals and make the freeway safer for all.

Although added police patrols would cost the city more money, I feel that such a car wreck-prone area is worth the cost over losing more people in our community prematurely.

Mayor David Condon is perfectly positioned to make this change happen.

April Oens



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