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Fri., March 8, 2013, midnight

Congress doesn’t represent us

Congress is completely out of control. First, they pass legislation imposing deep automatic budget cuts, supposedly to force a budget agreement. Then, they continue playing their political games while these cuts take effect. Most of the cuts are to the services and benefits that the government supplies to the people, instead of to administration, where cuts are badly needed.

Our government is extremely top-heavy with administration, and serious and extensive reductions must be made, starting with a 30 percent reduction in all administrative salaries, including Congress’.

In the past several decades, Congress has ceased to represent the people, as evidenced by the passage of Obamacare, another tax. It’s very apparent that congressmen and women only represent themselves and their friends. The only thing Congress has agreed on is giving itself annual raises that members don’t deserve.

It’s time the people demand that Congress pass the Congressional Reform Act of 2013. While this act won’t solve all the problems with Congress, it will most certainly bring Congress into closer touch with the people, and make them more accountable to the people that they’re supposed to be representing.

Arlie Kellogg


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